Beginners guide to becoming an iOS Developer in 2021

Hello, folks so I finally decide to write my first post. After thinking decided I should write on How to be an iOS Developer in 2020 Step by step. Since iOS has a growing market with companies trying to make their apps be it e-commerce store or just a Restaurant.

Here are my tips to get started with iOS Development:

1: Get a Mac:

Mac is an essential tool for iOS Development Since Xcode is supported only in Mac. If you are on a low budget you can get a MacBook Air and it will work.

2: Install Xcode: Xcode is an integrated development environment for macOS used to develop iOS, macOS, WatchOS and TvOS Apps.

3:Get an online course:

Here are a few of the courses I would suggest to pick up depending on your skill level:

Stage 1: If you are complete beginner Select from one of this courses, in My view Both are unique in their ways while Angela’s Course Covers a wide range of topics, Jonathan’s Course teaches you full-stack apps, the Artable App you make in this course is worth watching. The last course I would suggest is by Brian Voong from let's build that app called “SwiftUI Mastery Travel Discovery”

iOS 12: Learn to Code & Build Real iOS 12 Apps in Swift 4.2 — by Jonathan Burgoyne & Caleb Stultz

The Complete iOS Development Bootcamp — by Angela Yu :

SwiftUI Mastery Travel Discovery

Stage 2:

Pro Swift — By Paul Hudson: I love this book it goes deep into Swift, and you can also learn some of the core swift concepts and advance level concepts like(Functional Programming, Error Handling, Documentation, Protocol Oriented Programming)

Data structures and Algorithms by Ray Wenderlich: This is the go-to book for preparing for Technical Interviews in Swift, It consists of all popular Algorithms and challenges for all chapters)

Stage 3:

Start working on your App: If you don’t have any ideas of yourself you can find some cool UI Designs on UI8 and start working on that designs, I find this site way useful do get mockups and use it to work on my apps.